Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Canadian Enchilada.

It sounds dirty, and it's also virtually non-existent. Up here, we simply don't have access to the fiery peppers Rick Bayless instructs us to roast for any given Mexican dish. Having my very own Mexican [dream boat], from time to time he simply insists on having his spicy tortilla-y cuisine. I, unfortunately have negative 590879 Mexican dishes under my belt (with the exception of pulled Mexican chicken, which I promise I'll post sometime).

ANYWAYS, I've already accepted defeat in the enchilada sauce round, and will go with the best store bought I can find. Verde or Rojo? That is the question.

From here, it's mostly individual prep and assembly. Pulled chicken mixed with some of my home made from scratch *ahem* enchilada sauce, spinach and black beans. Roll ' em up and place them in a glass casserole dish, the bottom of which has a layer of your home made from scratch enchilada sauce. top with more sauce and cheese. Since I've long ago abandoned any sense of 'authentico mexicano' (say this with a Texan accent), I've decided that if I use a red sauce i'll texmex the frijoles outta this and use cheddar. If I can find a verde (preferable) I"ll use farmer's cheese - it's clearly impossible for me to get my hands on queso fresco.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rosemary Scones & Tea

Having my Mexican's grandmother over for tea was worrying me quite a bit! I had some nice tea from Harrod's in London, so with that taken care of it was on to scones. Here's the recipe I used. I subbed in farmer's cheese for the cheddar, but would stick to an aged orange cheddar next time. Go light on the sugar, and heavy on the herbs and pepper!

Here's a shot of what I had for our tea