Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow, Chicken and Squash

Pan Roasted Chicken Breasts with Butternut Cubes.


Olive oil & butter
2 skin on chicken breasts
Salt & pepper, thyme
1 butternut squash
maple syrup
chicken broth


1.Slice squash width wise and then into cubes
2.Toss with olive oil and bake at 400 until squash passes the fork test with an F (firm)
3.Meanwhile, season chicken breasts with s & p, melt 1 tsp each butter and oil in an oven proof pan over medium high heat
4.Cook chicken skin side down about 5 minutes, until golden brown. Flip chicken, and place in pre-heated oven until internal temp reaches 170.
5.When chicken is getting close, combine a 1:1 ratio of maple syrup and butter in a small sauce pan, boil and reduce to create a glaze; and salt to taste
6.toss squash with thyme, salt and pepper and saute on high heat until browning occurs
7.Drizzle maple syrup glaze everywhere, and enjoy

*the butternut cubes came from here
*OOOH one last thing - Do you read Questionable Content? you should. trust me and start at the beginning. You'll love me forever.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Classic Mac & Cheese (no veg allowed)

Have you heard of Ree? Drummond? THE Pioneer Woman? Well, she has perfect mac and cheese with the tempered egg; something I never thought of. Anyways, I adore Ree Drummond, and certainly agree that you must pick your battles with healthy substitutions; mac and cheese will never be healthy! And I'm ok with that! Alright, if I DO bake my mac (which I usually do), I'll crumble kale chips over it instead of bread crumbs. However, I've decided to make this a completely veg free post, so forget everything green and ogle the ooey gooey cheesiness.

Here's my take on her mac, with a mix of fresh Canadian mozzarella and friulano (by Saputo)